Liebster Award Nomination


It may not be possible to express how grateful I am to have been nominated for the Liebster Award. My blog has only been live for a few months now, so this award is pretty special to me.

I’d like to send a huge THANK YOU to The Story Files for the nomination. Also, thank you to my readers, colleagues, and classmates for being so supportive throughout the beginning stages of the creation of this blog. It means so much to me to have people I have never spoken to, tell me that they appreciate my writing.

The Liebster Award is achieved by a nomination from another blogger. The purpose of the award is to promote the achievements of other bloggers and to be supportive of one another. It is said that the Liebster award was created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere.

Part of the award is to share 11 interesting facts about yourself:

  1. I’m obsessed with goats.
  2. I have no idea what I want to do with my veterinary career and it terrifies me.
  3. I have 6 siblings – 2 brothers and 4 sisters. All are half siblings.
  4. I’m infatuated with my cat, Gabriel. I consider him to be the perfect creature. His portrait is tattooed on my arm.
  5. I am seriously freaked out when swimming in areas of deep, open water. My overactive imagination gets the best of me.
  6. My first nightmare was after watching Twister. Every so often I will have dreams of running away from a tornado.
  7. I got married at 22. The wedding consisted of my father and the Justice of the Peace. The ceremony lasted 5 minutes and my dad applauded at the end. 🙂
  8. I have an irrational fear of forgetting to flush the toilet.
  9. I have an incredible memory for scent.
  10. I love love love live music and singing at the top of my lungs.
  11. I hate reading off of an electronic device. Most of my notes are printed and I prefer to hold a book in my hands.

The second step is to answer questions provided to you by the blogger who nominated you:

Do you have any pets and their names?

I have too many pets. Call me a borderline hoarder.

2 Dogs: Liberty and Bristol

4 Cats: Gabriel, Mew Mew, Kalmi, and Lilly

Have you ever written a novel or want to? 

I have never written a novel, nor do I think it is something I would be interested in. I’m much more of an impulsive writer and prefer to write short pieces in the moment.

Do you believe in unicorns? 

No, I can’t say that I do. Though, show me evidence of their existence and I would certainly reconsider.

What’s your favorite character from childhood?

I was a big fan of Eliza Thornberry, Kagome (Inuyasha), and Amy Fleming (Heartland books).

What’s your favorite quote from a novel?

“You see, I have never felt the need to invent a world beyond this world, for this world has always seemed large and beautiful enough for me. I have wondered why it is not large and beautiful enough for others– why they must dream up new and marvelous spheres, or long to live elsewhere, beyond this dominion… but that is not my business. We are all different, I suppose. All I ever wanted was to know this world. I can say now, as I reach my end, that I know quite a bit more of it than I knew when I arrived. Moreover, my little bit of knowledge has been added to all the other accumulated knowledge of history– added to the great library, as it were. That is no small feat, sir. Anyone who can say such a thing has lived a fortunate life.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, The Signature of All Things

What’s your favorite place in the world? 

This is tough. I don’t think I’ve found it yet.

Do you keep a diary/journal/ log book? 

Isn’t that what a blog is for?

No, I don’t. I used to as a kid but was never quite consistent enough with my writing.

How many books about how to write stories, blogs or getting published etc, do you own? 


What’s your biggest achievement to date?

I’d like to say getting into vet school, but that sounds generic and boring. Honestly, it’s probably the fact that I’ve been successful despite the cards I had been dealt. I’m a decent person and happy with where my life is headed.

What’s your favorite band/music to listen to whilst you are writing?

None. I get easily distracted by music when I’m writing or studying. It really interferes with the little voice inside my head. Plus, I can’t write while I’m screaming A Day To Remember at the top of my lungs.

The third step is to create questions for your nominees:

What is your favorite quote?

Why do you write?

Have you ever had an experience that took your breath away?

What scent do you associate with a memory?

What are your hobbies?

Favorite scientific subject?

Dogs or cats, and why?

What is your favorite song?

Abstract or realistic art?

Do you have any tattoos?


Finally, you nominate 10 other bloggers of your choice. I choose blogs whose content I find interesting: – A fellow OVC student who is a huge inspiration to me. Shannon shares a firsthand experience of vet school and tackles some pretty tough topics. – An old classmate of mine who I consider to be pretty badass. If you enjoy science, climbing, and adventure – I suggest you give her a follow!  – A fellow veterinary student whose blog focuses on mental health. Taylor has a really refreshing perspective and his posts are always thought-provoking. – Another old classmate of mine. Dave is an amazing writer and artist. – A human and dog mom who blogs about her experiences and tells it how it is. Her posts and honest and funny. –  A blog focusing on cats that shares stories of rescue. Lots of cute pictures included! – A blogger who writes about my favorite past time – hiking with dogs. – Another blogger who hikes with her pups. I love the adventure stories. – Self explanatory. A blog that shares daily science book suggestions. – Cause, SCIENCE! – For beautiful photography and travel ideas. – I can never get enough hiking with dogs! – This blog features AMAZING travel photography.



9 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination

  1. Congrats on the nomination! What a fun way to get to know fellow bloggers. I think a lot of people would agree with your #5. And your #8 cracked me up! Thanks for the nomination – I will get to work on my post over the weekend. How fun! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shanae, thank you! I really enjoyed that book as well. I’m disappointed with the lack of time I have and my inability to read for fun. Let me know how The Big Magic is. I’ll have to read it over the summer.


  2. I am also a first-year vet student, and despite thinking I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted to do after vet school, I am quickly realizing that I have no idea beyond “practice”. This alternately thrills and terrifies me. This week I’ve been leaning more toward terrified for some reason, and it was great to hear from someone who feels the same!

    Also, thank you for reminding me about the Heartland series! I completely forgot about those, but I loved them as a kid!


    1. Kim, thank you so much for reaching out! They tell us we have 4 years to figure out what we want, but if you ever want to go into specialty I feel like you need to know immediately. It’s equally stressful and frightening. I’m right there with you.
      I loved Heartland so much. It has a wonderful message that with dedication and understanding we can revitalize even the most broken of spirits.


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